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  • 17 Panini Classics Football 17 Panini Classics Football


    Panini Classics Football is back with a loaded checklist that features one autograph and one memorabilia card from current and vintage stars! Look for two on-card buyback autographs per case, featuring iconic Donruss-branded programs from the past couple of decades! Chase rare parallels (#'d/50 or less), such as Blank Back, No Name, and Full Name of past and present players! Pull rare Hall of Fame-worthy memorabilia and autographs in Canton Collections, which features NFL Legends! Collect sepia short prints of the best veterans in the NFL, falling at one per box, on average. BOX BREAK: 1 autograph and 1 memorabilia per box.

  • VS System 2PCG: Legacy VS System 2PCG: Legacy


    Epic competitive gameplay to pit your team of Allies against your opponents! Same style of gameplay as core set. Each box comes with over 200 playable cards across eight different team factions! 8 new Main Characters and 32 new Supporting Characters to expand on the current 8 Marvel factions. 'Low Barrier of Entry' for new players! Customize your new team or enhance your existing! 200 Cards and Rule Book.

  • Ghosts Love Candy Ghosts Love Candy


    It's Halloween, and you're a ghost who loves candy! Haunt trick-or-treaters to get their candy, but don't scare them to much, or it'll cost you! Featuring spookily cute ghost, kid, and candy cards, Ghosts Love Candy is a fast-playing card game for 3-6 players that's a hauntingly good time. SRP: $19.95

  • Get the Cheese! Get the Cheese!


    All neighborhood mice have been longing for the day when they can raid that largest home, and stuff themselves with its abundance of sumptuous cheese. One day, when the family left, all the mice rushed into the large house, trying to beat their rivals to the goal, and hoping the vicious cat wouldn't see them. A game of Cat and Mouse...and Dog! Strategically deploy your animals so that your Dog chases away others' Cats and your Cats catch others' Mice and your Mice...Get the Cheese! SRP: $14.95

  • 17 Topps Pro Debut Baseball 17 Topps Pro Debut Baseball


    The first cards of the 2016 MLB Draft class in their Minor League Baseball uniforms will arrive in May 2017! Topps Pro Debut Baseball returns in 2017 as the most comprehensive Minor League Baseball trading card release of the season. Compelling thematics such as In The Wins, an insert subset devoted entirely to the brightest young stars in Minor League Baseball, have been added this year to drive interest and collectability. Also look for specially inserted Promo Night Uniform Relic cards featuring jumbo-sized pieces of game-used promotional themed jerseys. Each box will guarantee 2 autograph cards as well as 2 relic cards.

  • Pokemon GX Bewear Box Pokemon GX Bewear Box


    Bewear-GX can smush opposing Pokemon with its powerful Bear Hug, or chuck them out of a battle entirely with the Big Throw-GX attack! It's an amazing demonstration of the raw strength that make Bewear-GX more than just another charming face Add this astonishing Pokemon-GX to your collection - and give your opponents new respect for this strong-and-cuddly Pokemon. Contents: A never-before-seen foil promo card featuring Bewear-GX, 4 Pokemon TCG Booster Packs, a Foil Oversized card featuring Bewear-GX and a Code Card for the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. SRP: $19.99

  • 17 Panini Majestic Football 17 Panini Majestic Football


    New for 2017! Majestic Football features a 100-card base set and includes four autographs (with at least one on-card), four memorabilia cards, and two base or parallel cards #'d/99 or less per box! On-card autos inserts highlight retired players and include Distinguished Defenders, Astonishing Arms, Regal Runners and Wondrous Receivers all #'d/99 or less. Majestic Football will feature the first autographed memorabilia cards of the 2017 NFL Rookie Class! Look for the following memorabilia inserts: Team Pedigree, Unsung Warriors, Showstoppers Materials, Proteges Materials and Icons Materials. Also look for multi-signed cards of the following inserts: Ring Bearers Signatures, Hall of Fame Descent Signatures, Black and Blue Signatures, Franchise Dual Signatures, Super Bowl Teammate Signatures and New Blood Signatures. Multi-signed cards will fall 2 out of every 3 boxes. BOX BREAK: 4 autographs (at least 1 on-card), 4 memorabilia, 2 base/parallel #'d/99 or less.

  • 17 Panini Score Football 17 Panini Score Football

    Look for 4 autographs per box, on average!

  • Dungeons & Dragons Character Folios The perfect accessory for any D & D player.

  • Munchkin Curses Munchkin Curses

    Admit it. You love that moment when your enemy kicks down the door

  • As the struggle to restore the Valley of Life intensifies, the ranks of those combating

  • Scizor-EX is a dangerous Metal-type Pokemon, with intimidating pincers as strong as steel.

  • 16-17 Upper Deck Ice Hockey 16-17 Upper Deck Ice Hockey

    Ice premieres rookie cards numbered as low as 99! Look for Rookie Autographs

  • Table Topics Geek POP! Edition is the latest addition to the Wildly Popular Table Topics

  • Ultra PRO Play Mat-Legend of Zelda Black and Gold Ultra PRO Play Mat-Legend of Zelda Black and Gold

    Featuring the golden Triforce symbol.

Upcoming Products

  • Rick and Morty: Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind Deck-Building Game Rick and Morty: Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind Deck-Building Game


    Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! The bad boys of animation are back in this exciting new Rick and Morty themed deck-building game. Based on the bizarre dimension-hopping episode mentioned in the title, this game goes to places the Cerberus Engine has never been, literally. The typical Kick stack has been replaced with Portal Guns, which can be used to access the unpredictable and awesome Location Deck. These Locations can be used that turn and then they go away, but you can also buy them if you think those alternate dimensions will aid your strategy. Can you take down the Council of Ricks before they get too annoying and self-righteous? Contents: 206 Cards, 6 Oversized Character Cards and Rulebook. SRP: $40.00 Order Deadline: 09/01/2017

  • MetaX Justice League Booster Display Box MetaX Justice League Booster Display Box


    MetaX Justice League is a trading card game including licensed comic book characters from the vast Warner Brothers/DC catalog. Characters include: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Darkseid, Joker, Lex Luthor, Sinestro and others. Fight against an opponent with a unique team of many possible heroes or villains. Common: 60. Uncommon: 40. Cross-rare cards: 4. Ultra-rare: 2. Promo cards: 20. Foil parallels of all cards. Booster Configuration: 12 cards per pack, 24 packs per box, 12 boxes per case. Order Deadline: 06/10/2017

  • Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis Animation Annihilation Deck-Building Game Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis Animation Annihilation Deck-Building Game


    Following the success of the original Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis Deck-Building Game, more of Cartoon Network's classic characters, past and present, are joining the fray! This standalone game is not only a great introduction to deck-building, but also a fantastic expansion for the original set. The new Wonder keyword brings a childlike sense of, well, wonder to the game as the ability allows players to play a card off the top of the main deck. You never know what you'll get except for a fun time and lots of surprises. The card you play goes straight to the Line-Up, so if you liked the effect, you can buy the card immediately. The more cards you have to choose from the better! SRP: $25.00 Order Deadline: 07/01/2017

  • Cardfight Vanguard Demonic Advent Sneak Preview Kit Cardfight Vanguard Demonic Advent Sneak Preview Kit


    With the new booster specifications, the regular Booster SP Kit specs now reflect that of the Character Booster SP kits. Each SP kit will contains 2 premium rubber play mats and 8+1 exclusive PR cards! Each kit will contain 39 packs and each player will receive 4 packs! Remaining 7 packs serve as a prize! Each participating cardfighter will receive an additional pack for every win! Order Deadline: 07/20/2017

  • Mad Science Foundation Mad Science Foundation


    Mage Wars Academy is a fast-paced strategy card game of magical combat. In this expansion set, play as a telekinetic Forcemaster competing to prove that your mind is the most powerful weapon. All cards are 100% compatible with both Mage Wars Academy and Arena. 72 Spell Cards, Game Markers, and Rules included. SRP: $19.99 Order Deadline: 07/01/2017

  • Munchkin Apocalypse Guest Artist Edition Munchkin Apocalypse Guest Artist Edition


    180 cards, 12 Player Standees with Plastic Stands, Game Board, Rules Sheet and a 6-Sided Die. Len Peralta, known for his work on Munchkin the Guild, the Ten State comic book, and his own Geek a Week trading cards, illustrates Munchkin Apocalypse art, and male and female standees for each player. SRP: $29.95 Order Deadline: 09/01/2017

  • Munchkin Apocalypse 2 Guest Artist Edition Munchkin Apocalypse 2 Guest Artist Edition


    Now Len Peralta's vision of the end of the world has a companion: Munchkin Apocalypse 2 Guest Artist Edition! Go up against mutants, bandits, and the Seals of the Apocalypse - all with brand-new art. 106 Cards. SRP: $19.95 Order Deadline: 09/01/2017

  • Sheriff of Nottingham Merry Men Sheriff of Nottingham Merry Men


    Sheriff of Nottingham, Origins 2015 Board Game of the Year Winer, has an expansion coming! Expand your game up to 6-players as you bluff, bribe, and negotiate your goods into Nottingham. Take your contraband to the Black Market; fulfill new special orders, and much more. Contents: 69 cards, 2 Deputy Markers, 1 Booty Tile, 1 Sherwood Tile, 1 Merchant Stand, 1 Merchant Bag and Rules Sheet. SRP: $24.99 Order Deadline: 09/01/2017

  • Cutthroat Kingdoms Cutthroat Kingdoms


    Cutthroat Kingdoms puts you in the role of a Lord or Lady of Aurum. This volatile realm is in a state of war, and plague spreads from village to village. Will you be able to control Aurum and ensure your heirs power, or will your line come to an end? Cutthroat Kingdoms requires strategic play on the table while also putting your political ability front and center. Can you manipulate your opponents into deals that keep your power intact, while avoiding giving them any advantage? Contents: 200 Game cards, 96 Coin Tokens, 36 Gems, 36 House Tokens, 7 Purses, 1 Play Mat, 1 Rulebook. SRP: $39.99 Order Deadline: 08/11/2017

  • Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game


    Storm Dungeons, Slay Monsters, And Seize Treasures. A fun hack-n-slash campaign challenges heroes with clever dungeons. To get the most out of your fantasy adventures, you need a game that lets you customize and perfect characters, monsters, treasures, and traps. That's where the ready-to-play Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game comes in. It harnesses the customizing power of the award-winning Generic Universal Roleplaying System (GURPS), and streamlines it so you have exactly what you need to take fully-realized characters on fantastic adventures. Choose from 11 classic professions and nine races. Tailor your hero using quick-start templates and the time-tested GURPS point-build system. Gear up with a massive list of customizable armor and weapons. Pick from over 400 spells. Then battle foes chosen from more than 80 monsters. SRP: $59.95 Order Deadline: 12/01/2017

  • 17 Topps Five Star Baseball 17 Topps Five Star Baseball


    Topps Five Star Baseball returns with new high-end designs and a premier checklist that guarantees 100% on-card autographs of the game's best Major League players. This year, look for more rare case-level hits such as Autographed Jumbo Patches, Silver Signatures, Golden Graphs and Five Star Signatures Cards - all signed on card! Guarantees two on-card autographs in ever pack, unless replaces by a Cut Signature. ALLOCATED Order Deadline: 06/22/2017

  • (07/15/2017)

    • Chris Jerico • Million Dollar Man Old School (Chase 1:6) • Sasha Banks • Iron Sheik Old School (Chase 1:6) Order Deadline: 06/29/2017

  • Pop Figure Alien Neomorph with Toddler (Covenant) Pop Figure Alien Neomorph with Toddler (Covenant)


    Alien Neomorph with Toddler Funko Pop Figure. Order Deadline: 06/29/2017

  • Mystery Minis Dr Seuss Series #1 (Display Box of 12) Mystery Minis Dr Seuss Series #1 (Display Box of 12)


    Display Box of 12. Order Deadline: 06/29/2017

  • Dragonfire The Dungeons and Dragons Deckbuilding Game Dragonfire The Dungeons and Dragons Deckbuilding Game


    Dragonfire is a three to six player cooperative deckbuilder game set in the world's greatest roleplaying game setting, Dungeons & Dragons. Play any of hundreds of different class and race combinations from the table top RPG that started it all, tacking encounters from the deepest dungeons to barren wilderness to darkest cities. Based on the critically-acclaimed Shadowrun Crossfire Engine. SRP: $59.99 Order Deadline: 08/01/2017

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